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Case Studies : Waitrose

A case study in creative design combined with total supply chain management.

The brief was to create a distinctive shaped pack which would appeal to the consumer both in terms of visual appeal and curiosity and could be opened by splitting the pack down the middle to expose the golden Easter egg, almost akin to an egg hatching.

Furthermore the pack needed to be square at the outset to maximise shelf space but open into a new shape which would appeal to the consumer – and all within the constraints of a specific budget and timescale.

Clearly there was no obvious historical pack which had either the same functionality or shape so the brief required some serious brainstorming and Concept invention.

We would also need to collaborate closely with our network of partners to ensure we presented a fully working solution including all packing, production and distribution requirements to ensure the project was a total success from concept to shelf.

We started with a blank piece of paper and created a couple of options, one of which was a square litho printed pack which opened centrally and divided into two equal triangles, complete with a thermoforming to hold the egg and a high quality label to seal and complete the finish.

At each stage we worked closely with our partners Packaging Answers and explored the various commercial aspects of the project in detail from print and manufacture through the supply chain to shelf to ensure the whole pack could be produced, packed and distributed inside budget.

After subtly re-engineering certain aspects of the design we not only created a pack which beat budget but actually added additional value and creativity by ensuring the two triangular ends of the pack when opened stayed perfectly straight and didn’t bow.

Then we had to ensure the thermoforming not only held the egg but also doubled as part of the box closure mechanism as well as accommodate gluing at the assembly stage.

To complete the packing aspect we worked with our partners The Packaging Hub in Waterford to devise a local bespoke finishing system that allowed for the pack to be erected ahead of fulfilment. By working with a partner in close proximity to the client we ensured distribution and shipping costs were minimised. Finally by working in close cooperation with Packaging Answers we organised and managed the complete solution from the shipping of flat packed printed packaging and nested thermoforming’s from England to Lir Chocolates in Southern Ireland where the packs were completed and finished with a high quality label produced and sourced by our network in the UK.

Not only did we deliver a unique and eye catching pack on time and within budget but by our ability to work closely with our highly professional network of partners at every stage ensured we were able to manage every aspect of the supply chain from design to shelf.

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